Grand Habour

The Charter
In 2014, a series of seminars on ‘Safeguarding and Sharing our Open Spaces’ with the local communities and local councils  of the Grand Harbour area, revealed that common concerns  are shared by the Grand Harbour communities. The aspirations and visions expressed in these seminars demonstrated a strong sense of commitment to place and led to the birth of a Local Communities’ Charter which promotes  a more holistic approach to the future ‘improvement’ of the Green and Blue Open Spaces of the Grand Harbour area. Throughout 2015, IRMCo continued with the systematic mapping of the Open Spaces through field surveys and continued to receive ‘crowd sourced’ places of interest and eco-heritage trails as drawn by the local communities in the Grand Harbour.


Web Maps
Developed to visualise and highlight the Open Spaces of the Grand Harbour, the dedicated 
web maps show the current land use and state of the Open Spaces.

Eco-Heritage Trails
If you have local knowledge of cultural and ecological value, that highlights places of intrinsic recreational and touristic potential through eco-heritage trails we invite you to draw them!


Mare Nostrum is an EU-funded cross-border project exploring new ways of protecting the Mediterranean coastline. The project builds upon existing international efforts, such as the Barcelona Convention and the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean of 2008. Mare Nostrum brings together 11 partners from Malta, Greece, Israel, Jordan and Spain, including leading research institutes, local municipalities, SMEs, environmental NGOs and port operators.
The project is funded by the European Union under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. Mare Nostrum’s total budget is 4.32 million Euro, of which 90% is financed by the EU through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.
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